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8 Weight loss mistakes to STOP doing now

Most people make healthy lifestyle choices—cut down on calories, do regular workouts, avoid junk foods, and so on. But despite following a strict weight-loss diet, do you still find yourself unable to lose weight? If the answer is yes, you are making some weight loss mistakes that prevent you from seeing the changes you’re looking for. Here are 8 common mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight. 

Not drinking enough water

The advice to drink enough water may seem overstated, but studies show a relation between water intake and weight loss. Firstly, it is an appetite suppressant and can help you feel full. Water is also essential for the process of burning fat stored in the body. It is also the best substitute for sweet drinks like cola and juice. Lastly, it keeps the body hydrated and the mind fresh. One bonus perk- your skin will be glowing! So make sure to stay hydrated especially after a workout.

Following health fads like juice cleanses

Following a liquid diet can be a good source of vitamins and may lead to weight loss. However, they have many undesirable effects that are not highlighted by the wellness companies. These diets are usually void of protein and necessary fats. It can also lead to fatigue, headaches and nutrient deficiency. Though juice cleanses can lead to weight loss, it will be short term and may do more harm than good. It is better to lose weight in a healthy manner than look for quick fix solutions.

Only focusing on cardio

Cardio exercises are popular because it helps you burn more calories. In the process, do not neglect strength training exercises which can also help you lose weight. Strength training not only converts fat into muscle mass, but also helps trim belly fat. Maintain a balance between the two kinds of exercises for the best results. 

Consuming ‘diet’ foods 

We all understand how soda may inhibit our progress, and stay away from it. But a hidden enemy is the diet soda which we think is safe. In reality, the artificial sweeteners contained in diet sodas are also harmful and addictive. Plus, they also make the body crave sweet things. Instead of soda or packaged fruit juice, opt for water. To give it a hint of flavour, add mint or sliced oranges. Or better yet opt for green tea- a weight loss staple. For more favorable diet tips, you can get in touch with the personal trainers at Nitro Gym, and experience the exhilarating journey at the gym in Silicon Oasis

Not enough protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for promoting weight loss. In addition to reducing the intake of fatty foods, increase your protein intake. For best results, it is recommended to consume 30% protein of total calorie intake. It helps in reducing appetite, increases metabolism and also helps muscle development. Egg, milk, cheese, yogurt and fish are good sources of protein. For vegetarians, protein is available in green peas, lentils, peanuts and oats to name a few.

Too much protein

While protein is important in building muscle, excess intake can actually lead to weight gain. Excess protein is stored in the form of fat if the amount of protein consumed is more than calories burned. Remember to be careful while using protein powders and protein shakes as they may also contain excess calories and added sugars. The gym experts at Nitro Gym, one of the best gyms in Al Barsha, will help you develop customized plans exclusively for you. 

Not getting enough sleep

Several studies connect sleep deprivation to weight gain. A healthy 7 – 8 hours of sleep is needed for the human body to rest. Sleep helps keep a healthy metabolism. The hormones ghrelin and leptin are affected by sleep deprivation. These hormones actually help us regulating our eating habits. Lack of sleep throws off the balance, leading to weight gain. So put down your phone and hit the hay an hour earlier- it may help you achieve your goals faster.

Being too focused on the scale

While regular weight tracking helps visualise progress, being hyper focused on the scale may give you anxiety about your weight loss or lack thereof. It is important to understand that weight fluctuates daily based even on the amount of water you drink. If you are strength training, you may find weight stay the same for some time due to the fact that fat loss is being compensated by increase in muscle mass. So remember to be kind to yourself while doing the best you can. 

Above all keep in mind that the simple acts of working out and healthy eating are contributing to a healthier and proactive lifestyle, and you are miles beyond where you first started. 


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