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Deadlift: Everything You Need to Know

New to the fitness journey? Even if you are, you might have heard of this common exercise practiced by bodybuilders and gym-goers. However, if you are a complete beginner to the weight-lifting stage, the word “deadlift” can feel like an extremely scary prospect. All you need to know is that the deadlift is a must-do exercise to get that perfectly toned body. It can benefit all types of fitness levels, from beginners to pro, and can also be seriously risky if performed wrong. It’s better to consult a personal trainer before beginning a new regime. Nitro Gym in Silicon Oasis has experienced professionals to guide you well throughout the deadlifting journey. 

Reasons to add deadlifts to your workouts 

Total body workout 

Of all the other exercises that people do at the gym, deadlifts are the ones that benefit the most muscles. Though many people are aware of the fact that deadlifts work out the lower body, they work out the upper body as well. No other workout trains a long list of individual muscle groups as competent as the deadlift workout. By doing this exercise, you are building the most muscles and making your time at the gym worthwhile. 

Improves posture 

Doing deadlifts will improve overall posture so that one can stand proud and confident. If you are performing the exercise in the correct form, it will reduce the curvature of the lower spine, engage muscles, and build up stabilizer muscles that help keep the posture upright. It also enables you to keep the back straighter during daily activities.

The deadlift technique is the key to the bodybuilding journey, and if you are inexperienced with this exercise, please get in touch with the personal trainers at the gym in Al Barsha to discuss its suitability to your circumstances before going ahead. 

Improves lifting in real-life 

We see a lot of people struggling to pick something up, which results in them hurting themselves. The deadlift exercise builds the muscles that need to actually carry something, like heavy grocery bags or a dining room table. In simple terms, deadlifting will build strength in the body so that one can pick up things without much hassle and don’t easily get injured as they get older. 

It’s safe 

Deadlifting is one of the safest kinds of workouts that people can do at the gym. Try doing it with the correct weight you are comfortable with, and no more worries about hurting yourself. The only time people get injured while doing this workout is when they’re lifting more than their limit or when doing the workout with the wrong technique. 

Improves grip strength 

Grip strength is extremely important, and not just in the gym. Grip strength is one of many attributes that worsens with age and is strongly connected with quality of life. The best exercise ever to improve grip strength is the deadlift. Your fingers are literally the only things that connect you to the weight of the bar, when you do deadlifting. The forearms will be working hard not to fall the bar out of your hands. Gradually, your grip strength grows to a great extent. 

Increase hormones 

No,no. Not talking about the hormones that make you emotional. Instead, by doing several reps of deadlifts, one can increase the amount of growth hormone produced by the body. Growth hormones encourage tissue healing, muscle growth, bone strength, and fat loss too. 

Believe it or not, doing a few reps of deadlifts will increase cardiovascular health. You might be running to sit somewhere when it is done. Also, as already mentioned, deadlifts work with some of the largest muscle groups in the body, they are a good choice for building a greater percentage of lean muscle in the body. 

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