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HIIT vs. strength training: which is best for weight loss?

Are you someone who just began your fitness journey? Or you want to start a fitness program, but you keep getting stuck on the benefits of strength training vs. high-intensity interval training? 

Both HIIT and strength training have their unique benefits, but one type of workout might be better suited for you depending on what your fitness goal is. Let’s look at the differences and similarities between strength training and HIIT to help you choose which is best for you.


Weight loss

These days, the two magic words in weight loss are HIIT and strength training. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn while you are at rest. Both strength training and HIIT support fat burning, but HIIT does so to a much greater degree. Since you’re performing exercises without much rest, you’ll have a higher heart rate. This will lead to burning more calories during the workout, and a greater level of afterburn. 

Build muscle 

Both HIIT and strength training will help you build muscle mass. Strength training will definitely give you the benefit of using more than 100% of your maximum, resulting in huge leaps in muscle size. During a HIIT workout, you can change the tempo to a high level of difficulty, resulting in more lean tissue. You won’t get huge with HIIT, but you’ll undoubtedly look lean and muscular.

Increase performance 

While high-intensity interval training helps improve agility, flexibility, and endurance, resulting in better performance, strength training increases your ability to perform weight-bearing activities. Nitro Gym is one of the best gyms in Silicon Oasis, with all the equipment that you need for your fitness journey. The professional experts at the gym will help you choose a workout plan that is suitable for you. 

Improve overall health 

Both of these training forms are beneficial for your cardiovascular health and overall wellness. Strength training and HIIT, both of which have been shown to support brain health, improve mood, and increase longevity. 



For most of the HIIT workouts, all you need is enough space to perform your training. On the other hand, strength training requires a few pieces of equipment, to name: a bench, a barbell, and dumbbells. But it’s always recommended to consult your personal trainer before moving on to any new exercise regime. Nitro Gym, the top equipped gym in Al Barsha has professional gym experts who can guide you well throughout your journey. 


While strength training does support fat burning, cardiovascular health, and flexibility, HIIT workouts are better at it. HIIT also triggers higher levels of excess post-oxygen consumption, which is the afterburn effect that keeps burning calories for hours after you finish the workout. While high intensity interval training does help with muscle building, strength training is far better if you want serious size. 


Strength training is time-consuming; if you want to target more than 2 muscle groups at once, you may have to spend 1-2 hours, whereas HIIT workout time ranges from 15 minutes to an hour. 

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