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Beginners’ Guide To Kickboxing: Break Your Limits; Explore The World Of Fitness.

Scheduling a consistent workout improves your overall wellness. No matter what your age is, it is not a barrier to performing your desired physical activities. All you need is a strong mind to tackle all the obstacles in order to achieve the best result possible. Start the new path to your fitness journey with Nitro Gym, one of the leading gyms for kickboxing in Al Barsha.

Overcome your fear of exercise

  Research defines physical fitness as the ability to strenuously carry out daily tasks without fatigue and with sufficient energy. Even though people wish to start their physical activities, there is something that holds them back.

A nationwide survey found that 65% of women and 36% of men avoid the gym out of fear of being judged. If you feel so, always remember that no one is going to judge you unless you have the bold wish to hit your target.

Some people completely avoid exercise as they fear it may hurt them. In reality, exercise is not a painful activity. Still, if you feel it is painful, just slow down or stop and start again with strong willpower.

Success won’t come to you if you are not ready to accept risk and get out of your comfort zone. Nitro Gym is occupied with personalized trainers to fulfill your dream of a healthy body. Grab your appointment for kickboxing classes at our gym in Al Barsha. Let’s sort it out together.

Kickboxing tips for newbies

Kickboxing is a beginner-friendly exercise that will assist you in breaking down your calories, increasing strength and confidence. Beginner kickboxing classes involve groups of like-minded people who wish to improve themselves. Give prior importance to choosing an environment that will make you feel most comfortable. When you start to learn the basics of kickboxing, you will realize that it is a full-body exercise that tones and strengthens your body’s muscles. Despite the many advantages, starting might make a lot of people very anxious. Here at Nitro Gym, we love beginners. And our gym in Al Barsha provides you with the best facilities for your new endeavor.

This blog’s goal is to put your mind at ease and provide you with a few ideas to consider, that will undoubtedly make your beginning simpler.

Organize your personal goals.

Before beginning a new exercise regimen, it is critical to understand your current abilities and potential. Here is a bonus tip you can consider: setting your schedule with the help of a personal trainer. Nitro Gym is one of the best gyms in Silicon Oasis and offers you the best professional trainers who will assist you throughout all your sessions.

Opt for the right class

Once you know your potential, the next step is to choose the right class. There are plenty of kickboxing classes everywhere; before you jump into one, make sure your decision is accurate. Conduct detailed research on every aspect of the class. Utilize the help of social media to get an in-depth look into the training you choose. Reading the feedback of other people might help you choose the right one. Attend our kickboxing training in Nitro Gym and explore the magic that works for you.

Know your limits.

Kickboxing is a more intense workout than any other exercise. The first day of your class might be challenging as you are not yet used to it. You may feel exhausted immediately after the class. All you have to do is build your confidence and boost your energy.

As mentioned above, this is an intense workout. Make sure you consult your doctor if you have a chronic condition like asthma, diabetes, or obesity. Before starting your training, remember not to extend your workouts beyond your limits. It is always better to start kickboxing at a moderate level and work your way up to an intense level as per your requirements.

Get into gear.

Protecting your head and face is really important if you plan to engage in actual sparring. Injuries to teeth, jaws, and lips are common in contact sports like kickboxing. It would be beneficial for you if you purchased ankle supports, boxing gloves, and head gear. Don’t wear too loose or too restrictive clothes while practicing kickboxing. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle and a towel.

Eat well.

A study of kickboxers finds that a Mediterranean diet that includes fruits, veggies, whole grains, and fish might improve your workout performance, which in turn helps you trim down faster. Fueling up before a workout will maintain your blood sugar level and keep up your muscle energy store. Apart from good food, increase the intake of water before and after workouts.

Practice Meditation

Mindfulness and exercise are interconnected. Several Kung fu and karate trainers recognized meditation’s ability to improve mental health. It is a good practice to meditate for at least 10 minutes before arriving at the gym.

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