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How to lose body fat without losing your Muscle Mass

Most dieters aim to lose body fat while preserving muscle mass. If you’re looking to cut down body fat, unraveling the secret sauce for preserving muscle mass while losing fat can feel quite challenging. This is a real challenge and requires discipline because the body tears down muscle tissue for fuel when you are in a caloric deficit. This doesn’t mean the process is very complicated, but it takes dedication, patience, and proper planning. It’s never a bad idea to consult your personal trainer before beginning a new regime. The professional trainers at Nitro Gym, the best gym in Silicon Oasis, will help you with the process throughout your fitness journey. 

Weight loss vs. fat loss 

If your prime concern is staying in shape and achieving a fit body, you might have definitely pondered the terms “fat loss” and “weight loss.” Weight loss and fat loss are often used interchangeably, but they have totally different meanings. 

In this world full of health freaks and fitness enthusiasts, one of the most common goals they aim for is undoubtedly weight loss. Many people around the world struggle with obesity, excess weight, and many other issues. While trying to lose extra calories and get fit, are you sure you are losing weight? I mean, what if you really want to lose fat, not weight? Pretty confused? 

Simply put, weight loss refers to the overall drop in body weight, that is, from muscle, fat and water. On the other hand, fat loss refers to a specific drop in the body fat levels. That is, weight loss from fat (fat below the skin and fat in the abdomen or around the organs). It’s a more healthful goal than weight loss. 

Because of this confusion, most people aim to work out with the purpose of fat loss but end up losing weight instead. It’s recommended to consult your gym trainer to understand more about these in detail. Nitro Gym, one of the best equipped gyms in Al Barsha, has passionate trainers who are dedicated to you on a full-time basis. 

Tips to lose body fat and gain muscle mass 

Get your cardio in 

A cardio workout is the key to losing weight. Don’t skip cardio; just know yourself how much cardio you need to get in to maintain your goals. High-intensity cardio is great, but low-intensity, low-impact cardio is equally beneficial for losing weight and preserving muscle mass. 

Eat more protein 

 Change your diet plan so that you include more healthy proteins and limit unhealthy fat sources. To maintain muscle, consume at least 1.2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight each day including foods such as lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, yogurt, milk, soy beverages, tofu, and legumes. 

Carbs aren’t your enemy

Research shows that diets that are higher in carbs and lower in fat may be the better option for lifters and athletes who are looking to lose fat without losing muscle. If you are not eating enough carbs, you are sacrificing muscle as you lose weight. Without consuming enough carbs, the extra protein you eat will be used for energy instead of muscle repair and growth. 

Give yourself some recovery time 

In addition to eating healthfully and exercising, rest is equally important when aiming to lose weight and gain muscle. Give yourself some recovery time between workouts. Plan to take at least one or two days off from your exercises each week for better results. If you feel that your body is not coping with the intensity of your workout plan, consider reducing it by half or taking a few additional days off. 

Increase intensity and continue to strength train 

To challenge yourself and burn more calories, you can try increasing the intensity of your workouts. You can also try strength training that includes weightlifting, body weight exercises, and resistance band exercises. Strength training helps prevent muscle loss while losing fat. And please, don’t forget to take a break between your workouts. 

After all, consistency is the key. You can help manage losing weight while gaining muscle mass with a proper diet plan and workout to support fat loss, and maintain a calorie deficit while taking in a lot of protein, carbs, greens, fruits, and veggies. And don’t forget to set realistic goals and keep tracking your progress. Success is on the way.

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